Aisha age 24 crew nr 1

I dont know mutch about music, i was the one that made group. i knew Kara back in the days.  imy three is like family 33.3% japanese, 20% swedish and the rest you can imagine. maybe fantazy bunny;-). i just speak english. yes my role in the group and is being  bar crew. i will nurse your mod whit the best drinks mixes.  i’m not normal asian i have dark blond hear, dont know why. but i change color everyday, almost. Hope it dont feel of before tournament i january 2016.

we are working on a new album one a week. there will be 3 hours of relaxing electronic music. the nude cat women will, start up the tornament in january. we have emaild the fox creator to make an 15 minute long remix. as a campain against fox furry but so far no answear

sheck out my youtube channel

Sheck out my youtube cannel

Sheck out our youtube cannel

this my artist blogg you can see more of our trance music on youtube in january-we are 4 girls. i’m dj and there are 4 show dance girl. all of entertain naked filed whit oil and paint on our body. we are against cloth industry. and animal fury. i dont know which is worst. we paint our bodys whit oil. we are 4 asian young girl. we are not strippers we use music trance body art to fight for a good case


about me and my body art trance music


Sheck out my youtube cannel

Sheck out my youtube cannel son there will be demos

Welcome to uk based event group magazine asian nude dayly. we have newly startet up. we cover trance genere+ we also do consert whit our own copyriht material.

I grew up in blackpool. i live for making trance music. i’ve done dj’n on bigger privat partys.

it’s my body art music genere. Yea and of course i’m from Vietnam originally. i dont loock typical europe or from usa. England is a country whit bad challenges. To not mention vietnam, glad i dont live there.

Mutch about my music is about being part of the nature. or rather back to the nature. we are  supost to 6 member in the group at january. for the moment we are 2. but we are loocking for the right persons. some cute girls a handy man who can organize a secure envoriment.

1 bar crew

2 clean staff

3 dancer

4 dj

5 security

6 stylist